The real-life Raging Bull: Jake LaMotta. He has 40 years on me, but I still think he could've knocked me out with one punch.
I interviewed the great DiMaggio during a time when he rarely granted any interviews. Compounding matters: Joe D. wasn't in the mood to talk. But the Yankee Clipper sure looked regal on an oppressively hot afternoon.

A reporter must be an active listener. This photo shows that I'm locked in to what Bryan Cox is saying just days before the 2002 Super Bowl.
I'm not touching the Stanley Cup because it's considered bad luck to touch the Cup unless you've won the Cup. But I think that just applies to players, not reporters.
Whitey Ford: "The Chairman of the Board." One of the toughest pitchers to beat in modern history.
Career Highlights

My favorite photograph of all time with the Greatest of All Time. I spent the day with Ali, but I have no idea how or why it happened to me.